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Articles tagged "Ethiopian Literature"

The World Between: Writing from Ethiopia and Italy

Ethiopia has historically been a closed country, shielded by difficult geography and fiercely protective leaders who mistrusted the ever-invasive, ever-greedy foreigners that did manage to come in. In 1896, the great Battle of Adwa proved to the world that the small African nation could fight off—and defeat—an invading European army (Italy) with colonial aspirations. Ethiopia remained independent. Forty years later, in 1935, Benito Mussolini reminded his people of Adwa as his...


Hallelujah for Demos, Hurray for the glory of Kratos! The barren relic of Old Athena A figment from the famed city of yore.   A toast for Demokratia The monument to the triumph of self-rule For the chosen few of them, Not even a tenth of the demos Not for the women, the slaves and the children.   Shame on your charade Athena Shame on your phonymotherhood That brought forth an impostor A miscarried demokratia And inflicted it upon A trusting,...

The Neighborhood Phone

As often happens in my life, gifts, the things I wish for, always materialize when I am thinking of throwing in the towel, when I give up and let life pass through me. For seventeen years I had dreamed of what my return to my country would be like, the places I would visit, the people I would meet, how I would feel, and certainly that indescribable smell of home that would sweep through me. Instead, nothing was as I had imagined it would be. I spent the first fifteen days in the...
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