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Articles tagged "Execution"

The Platform

As day dawned in the small town, old Ruschel was already at work assembling the platform, with the care of someone preparing a gallows. The event was scheduled for eight p.m. sharp, and no delay would be tolerated. “They’re the owners of time, the city, and everyone here. I’m just a humble laborer, but punctual, impeccable, perfect.” This was more or less what the old German murmured as he sawed and nailed the thick wood and carefully trimmed and sanded laths....

Ballad of Ventas Prison

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Practice for Hangmen

When the world is filled with evil, Transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi. -The Mind-Training Slogans of Atisha The Egyptian forensic doctor Fakhri Ohamed Saleh told the Arab television network Al-Yazira that on rare ocasions, a hanging can accidentally cause decapitation, due to bad quality rope or executioners who lack experience. -Reuters, January 15, 2007 1. Get as much experience as you can. 2. Black goes with everything. 3. Learn the ropes. 4. Hang out with...

Fragments from “Real Life for the Last Scene of a Movie”

"Nothing can be more important than love." --Gidon Kremer I. Out of necessity We had to walk. This necessity made me happy. I hadn't been this happy for a long while, I thought. It's hot. Stifling heat one would call it-that's the kind of heat we're having. Not a single cloud in the sky. The blue of the sky is the prettiest blue I've ever seen. I don't like whitish blue. This blue has both the dark and light hues in it . . . The sky is not actually the way I...

from The Banquet in Blitva

Written before the Second World War but not widely available until 1962, Miroslav Krleza's Banquet in Blitva combines the satire of a Jonathan Swift with the style and tone of the Austrian Recession and the extravagant technique of expressionism. Shot through with drama and invective, told in torrents of verbiage, the novel takes place in a number of imaginary Baltic states that form an allegorical expression of the history of the Balkan states that once comprised Yugoslavia. The plot...

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