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Articles tagged "Graphic Lit"

Tahrir Square, One Year Ago

As the events of the Arab Spring unfolded last year, WWB published a number of dispatches from and about the affected countries.  One of our favorites came from Egyptian graphic novelist Magdy El Shafee. With his fellow artists, Magdy was creating and distributing a graphic journal on the abuses of the Mubarak regime. When we invited him to report from Tahrir Square, Magdy documented the uprising exclusively for WWB. One of the challenges of recording demonstrations is capturing the...


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"If I died, would you find another woman to marry?" "Do you want the truth, or do you want me to tell you what you want to hear?"

from “Diary”

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The following article contains scenes depicting nudity and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

from Baudelaire, the Metaphysical Ostrich

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Dino Buzzati’s “Poem Strip”

“To me, painting is not a hobby, but a job—writing is my hobby. But painting and writing are ultimately the same thing for me. Whether I write or paint, I pursue the same goal—telling stories.” The avant-garde Italian writer Dino Buzzati is better known as the author of the existentialist masterpiece The Tartar Steppe, a novel. However, he was also a skilful painter and illustrator - his talent became apparent with the evocative, beautifully crafted color plates of...

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