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With practice I managed to fix stars.

Tahrir Square, One Year Ago

As the events of the Arab Spring unfolded last year, WWB published a number of dispatches from and about the affected countries.  One of our favorites came from Egyptian graphic novelist Magdy El Shafee. With his fellow artists, Magdy was creating and distributing a graphic journal on the abuses of the Mubarak regime. When we invited him to report from Tahrir Square, Magdy documented the uprising exclusively for WWB. One of the challenges of recording demonstrations is capturing the...

From the Translator: The Eternonaut

I discovered El Eternauta while translating a poem. Until recently I considered myself to be primarily a translator of poetry. I’d made a few forays into prose, but poetry is always where I’ve situated myself as a writer, and following the conventional wisdom that one must be a poet in order to translate poetry I stuck to it. The poem, by the contemporary experimental Puerto Rican poet Nestor Barreto, is called El Eternauta, and was ultimately too hard at the time, too much in...

Animal Farm; or, a Short and Somewhat Political History of Comics in Poland

The Goat Polish comics began in 1919 with the publication in the Lvov satirical weekly Szczutek (“Fillip”) of With Fire and Sword; or, The Adventures of Mad Grześ, about a young soldier who battles enemies of Poland on various fronts.  For the next twenty years, the comics market developed slowly but systematically. Comics were published in magazines for both children and adults. Most were imported—among them Prince Valiant, Tarzan, and Mickey Mouse. The...

from “Proud Beggars”

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Albert Cossery and Golo slouch through a seedy Cairo

Albert Cossery's 1955 masterpiece, Proud Beggars, takes place in the squalid slums of Cairo. While some residents struggle with oppression, poverty, and corruption, others renounce the hypocrisy of society and embrace their freedom from the material world. Characters include the former university professor Gohar, who has thrown over his previous life to work as a bookkeeper at the brothel; his drug dealer and fellow "proud beggar," Yeghen; the melodramatic revolutionary El Kordi; his...

from “King-Ma Has Come”

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Wei Tsung-Cheng produces a mock-heroic Chinese political history

King-Ma Has Come (Ma Huang Jiang Lin) is a product of the hugely popular kuso culture in Asia. Also known as egao in Mandarin Chinese, the genre is known for its campy humor and outrageous parodies of the politically correct media portrayal of reality. King-Ma, Wei Tsung-cheng’s kuso martial arts take on political culture in Taiwan, pokes fun at everyone from Taiwan’s current and former presidents, Ma Ying-jeou and Chen Shui-bian, to the reigning figures of modern Chinese history,...

from “That Was Happiness”

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Blutch charts the end of a marriage

from “Farm 54”

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Galit Seliktar and Gilad Seliktar map a soldier's first evacuation

The graphic novel Farm 54 brings together three semi-autobiographical stories from the childhood, puberty, and early adulthood (military service years) of its female protagonist, growing up in Israel’s rural periphery in the 1970s and 1980s. The stories present the disturbing underground dimensions of adolescence, and the dangers and traumas that subvert the superficial tranquility of youth in the countryside. While these Israeli childhood stories take place in the shadow of war and...

from “Waiting for an Island”

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Marc Legendre's daydreamer waits for his past

from “A Game for Swallows”

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Zeina Abirached dodges bullets in the Beirut of her childhood

Translating Dino Buzzati: A Conversation with Marina Harss

In addition to her freelance writing for the New Yorker’s Goings On About Town and her frequent forays into dance criticism, Marina Harss is also a versatile and prolific translator from French, Spanish, and Italian. In the past seven years, Harss has rendered the fictional works of seven different foreign writers into English, among them the internationally acclaimed Italian novelists Alberto Moravia and Pier Paolo Pasolini. Her most recent translation is Poem Strip (NYRB Classics,...

Letter to Survivors

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Blizzard in the Jungle, Part Two

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North Korean intrigue in the African jungle.

Listen, everyone, the plane was sabotaged.

Paradise . . . Kind of

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The Total corporation—jewel in the crown of the French economy—maintains a presence in many countries across the globe, wherever there are fossil fuels to exploit. To do so, it hires locals, but also French employees with expatriate contracts lasting an average of two years. Two years in westernized surroundings, with housing, a company car, and schooling for their children in comfortable conditions and their own language. That’s how there came to be a small Gallic...

An Interview with Adrian Tomine

Over 800 pages and eleven years in the making, A Drifting Life is a monumental achievement and the long-waited autobiography of legendary Japanese cartoonist Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Called the father of gekiga—realistic or mature-themed manga that predated the literary graphic novel movement in the U.S. by decades—Tatsumi was formally introduced to English-language readers with the acclaimed Drawn & Quarterly publications of his short stories: The Push Man and Other Stories,...

Tetsu of the Yamanote Line

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Japanese books, including manga like this one, are meant to be read from right to left. So the front cover is actually the back cover, and vice-versa. To read this excerpt, start in the top right-hand corner. Read the panels, and the bubbles in the panels, from right to left, then drop down to the next row and repeat. It may make you dizzy at first, but forcing your brain to do things backwards makes you smarter in the long run. We swear.—Editors

From “A Drifting Life”

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Blizzard in the Jungle

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Il Maiale: The Pig

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Waltz with Bashir

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from “Chaabi”

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A Short Description of Lebanon

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from Great General Mighty Wing

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