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On Angoulême and Control

Illustration accompanying call for boycott. © Julie Maroh. The furor over the list of nominees for the Grand Prix of the Angoulême International Comics Festival (FIBD) should be...

The Strange

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Lots of stranges aren't here legally.

The Fall

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It parachuted down.

from Le Piano Oriental

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Fifteen years later, I was the one who left.

Flapflap Blues

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In the sky, never much. In the streets, always too much.

Noodling in New York

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No Japanese person would call a cat Thomas Jefferson.

Panels read from right to left.

The Sea Girl & the Prince

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What! Who could this strange man be?

The Dump

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"Did you remember what I asked for?"

Interview with Liana Finck

I first encountered Liana Finck’s transportive artwork on the stylized covers of New Vessel Press’s translated books. Soon thereafter, Finck, a graduate of Cooper Union and recipient of a...

The Espadrilles of Benuaventura Durruti:  On Translating “The Art of Flying”

Fairly early in Antonio Altarriba's The Art of Flying, the protagonist, the author’s father, deserts his post in the Nationalist Spanish army and crawls across the battle lines,...

From the Translator: The Eternonaut

I discovered El Eternauta while translating a poem. Until recently I considered myself to be primarily a translator of poetry. I’d made a few forays into prose, but poetry is always where...

Shigeru Mizuki’s “Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths”

The Japanese story form known as manga—with its extended plotlines and distinct pictorial style—falls somewhere between graphic novel and comic book. Widely read in Japan, where it is a...

This Animated Life: An Interview with David Polonsky

An interview with David Polonsky, the artist behind the Oscar-nominated film and graphic novel Waltz with Bashir. A few simple descriptions would suffice to understand just how rich and strange...