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Articles tagged "Homophobia"

from “How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone”

The promise a dam must keep, what the most beautiful language in the world sounds like, and how often a heart must beat to beat shame Francesco rented a room from old Mirela and moved in opposite, and old Mirela unpacked her dusty make-up, saw that the powder was crumbly and the lipstick no use any more, bought herself new make-up that very same day, and fiddled around with the tomatoes in her garden, her cheeks all rosy. You had a good view into Francesco's room from the garden. On...


The ad in the "male seeking male" section said: I'm so alone. Roberto. (91) 3077670. and was in among others listing predictable obscenities and a series of oral necessities. Page 43. At the top. Above a bisexual named Ángel soliciting a threesome and beneath the photo of a man of indeterminate age and sadness who wore a mask that gave him the pathetic air of a terrorist just emerging from the shower; it said so alone just like that, like it was nothing, it said it with the...

The Reticent Suicide

(An Inspector Suasnavas case narrated by his friend Pérez the journalist) I've decided to begin this saga of Inspector Facundo Suasnavas with the case that gave root to his immense and deserved prestige at police headquarters, the most discreet prestige that, naturally, wasn't communicated to the media nor, therefore, appraised in its true magnitude by the metropolitan society which Inspector Suasnavas has honorably and constantly protected. I was at the !YA! newspaper...

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