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Articles tagged "Independence"

Translating Tweets from the Catalan Independence Movement

Liz Castro (@lizcastro) on the Power of Multilingual Social Networks  Muira McCammon probes the corners and crevices of cyberspace to better understand the political, legal, ethical, spatial, and ideological challenges involved in translating individual Tweets. She's interested in efforts to theorize the web as an increasingly multilingual space, despite ongoing language barriers and digital divides.  While exploring the interplay between censorship and social media, she...

The Crossing toward Hope

1997. Day breaks under a raging downpour. It’s raining buckets. Raining screams. Raining mothers’ screams that drown out the thunder of the bullets raining down on their sons. It’s raining bullets over Mutsamudu. The Kalashnikovs fire away and stop.  Soldiers on the other side fall, fire back, run away. A rebel screams and falls. A bullet has lodged in his right leg and the blood is spurting out. The blood of independence, say the local media. The blood of...
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