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Articles tagged "Indigenous Literature"

An Inuit Story for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Monday brings two holidays in the US: Columbus Day, commemorating the explorer’s arrival in the Americas, and Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in recognition of what he found there. For a different tale of a Native American community welcoming a visitor, we’re turning to the archives and Michel Noël’s beautiful portrait of Canadian Inuits, In Search of the End of the World. In the depths of a winter of harsh deprivation, an unexpected visitor arrives...

The Indigenous Literature of the Americas

In late August, Mexico City and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico signed an agreement to teach Náhuatl language and culture to Nahua (Aztec) students in Santa Ana Tlacotenco in the high southern reaches of the city. The signatories were a deputy mayor of the city, the coordinator of humanities at the university, and an honored witness, Miguel León-Portilla, the leading scholar in the world of Náhuatl history and culture. It had been many years, perhaps...

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