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Articles tagged "Inequality"

Marías Mazahuas

Note: This poem was originally written in Mazahua. On her back the smallest child, others before her, yet others following. They decided to discover new worlds closed the windows and the door of the house and the bean patch was left abandoned. The more they were lost in the distance the louder grew their pitiful cries until even the owl went mad. Where are you going, Mazahua mothers? Where are you going, Mazahua girls? Why take your little ones? Why abandon your garden?...


Note: This piece was originally written in Tzotzil. The village of Chamula, where Tzotzil is spoken far more frequently than Spanish, has maintained much of its Tzotzil Maya language and tradition. It was on a Sunday when he returned to the village. It was a feast day, the celebration of the patron saint. He came back tired of being among strangers. He remembered that he had a village, a place where he had been born, where he had left parents, brothers, countrymen, when he decided to...

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