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Articles tagged "Internet"

Internet Life

On virtual seas I surf recklessly in every shape that I invent for myself omnipotent God among Gods mercifully I submerge a vulnerable fate create the world i seven seconds disappear into whoever’s story that only the mouse knows I erase death with one key and save beauty youth immortality For a while I don’t crash into life  

When Chaos Came to Salzburg

Pentecost, the peaceful holiday, had come, and Salzburg was something akin to a city under a state of emergency. By Friday, even schoolgirls from good homes did not make it all the way to school, if they were found to be out and about in the wrong kind of clothes; and heedless apprentices, their hairdos looking like something from a "wanted" poster, were collared in the street and shipped straight off home. Whoever was suspected of being under thirty years of age had little chance of...


Greetings, noble stranger! Your appearance is unfamiliar, as if you were not from these parts. Are you perhaps newly arrived from the distant lands of the North? My name is Akiko. What glorious name do you bear? Type it and press "enter" and Akiko will unlock her door. We are delighted, QWERTY, that you have called into our site, forgotten here amid the mountains of ancient Japan. We are Akiko and the little monkey Mao. If you look down at the lower left corner of the screen, you will...


From: [email protected]í To: Undisclosed recipients Subject: abandoned I am looking for Mónica de la Torre, my biological mother. She traveled from Argentina to Barcelona with my father in 1975. They were both together there and in Minorca, where I was born. She went back to Argentina and disappeared when I was two years old, after being accused of subversive activities. I lived in Barcelona and New York until I was 16, but now I live in Argentina with my father and...

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