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Articles tagged "Ivorian Literature"

from Aya

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Allah Is Not Obliged

The full, final and completely complete title of my bullshit story is: Allah is not obliged to be fair about all the things he does here on earth. OK. Right. I better start explaining some stuff. First off, Number one . . . My name is Birahima and I'm a little nigger. Not 'cos I'm black and I'm a kid. I'm a little nigger because I can't talk French for shit. That's how things are. You might be a grown-up, or old, you might be Arab, or Chinese, or white, or...

from Little Stain

In memory of Robert Mac Leod, Koné Ibrahima, Jean-Claude Grenier One must lose one's self to find one's self. --Ralph Ellison In the human world, time is three The time to speak The time to do The time to see So, when the day comes for your word to be spoken Speak up! When the day comes for the deal to be done, Act! And when the day comes to review all of this, Then take it all into account! In the human world, time is three. --Baba Sissoko (griot) There is nothing...

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