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Articles tagged "Jorge Eduardo Benavides"

Alternate Pasts: An Introduction to International Uchronia

In 1995, Stanley Asimov compiled excerpts of his older brother’s correspondence in a collection titled Yours, Isaac Asimov. This assortment of more than a thousand fragments of letters not only spans several decades, but also, as one can imagine, covers a wide array of topics ranging from personal relationships with prominent people such as Carl Sagan, Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur C. Clarke and a host of others, to the inner workings of the publishing world, science fiction fandom, and...

The Delayed Arrival of the Writer: An Interview with Jorge Eduardo Benavides

In our second installment in WWB's Our Man in Madrid series, Jonathan Blitzer speaks to Jorge Eduardo Benavides, whose story "The Reckoning" appears in the March issue of the magazine. Read it over here. Jonathan Blitzer: When did you leave Peru, and how did you finally come to arrive here in Madrid? Jorge Eduardo Benavides:  I left Peru in the 1990s because it was a society, and an economic moment, particularly grim and difficult.  Sometimes, when for whatever reason...
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