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Articles tagged "Kuwait"

The Ringing Body

She always recognized them by the  trembling behind their bravado. From his first “Hello” she was certain  he wasn’t one of them . . . that he had meant to call her, in particular. He was not one of those triflers, the junior bureaucrats, young clerks, and drunkards who amuse themselves by dialing just any number, for a thrill or perhaps the chance of something more.  She recognized their  attempts to disguise their impulsiveness: “Is Ahlam...

A Man’s Staff

I don't know why I was upset when my husband reached for the stick, grasping it and starting to twist it around. I gave him a warning look, but Ahmad is extremely proficient at avoiding my warning looks. Pretending to address my words to my father, although my goal was to nip this initiative in the bud, I said, "You must have brought that back as a souvenir of your trip. How much did you pay for it?" My father replied matter-of-factly, "The equivalent in Malaysian currency of twenty...

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