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Articles tagged "Letters"

Bermuda Triangle

Happy Endings, composed between 2002 and 2005 in Canada while Blažková was taking care of her husband, a renowned economist who suffered a stroke, is written in the form of letters addressed to a friend in Slovakia. This is the first out of thirteen letters. Dear E., You asked how things were going, and I’ve decided to stop complaining—from now on I will only write cheerful things. Here’s how you could picture us. The street where we live is a...

from “Inside a Girl Like You”

October 27, 2006 Tamara, I’m writing to send you my new address. In case you’re still getting mail for me, you can forward it here: Katina Mela, Erodiou 8 (off Euripidou), Athens. I’ll find out the zip code and send that, too. The apartment here is smaller than ours, the main bedroom is more or less connected to the living room. Well, it’s separated by a sliding door, but you can hear everything if someone’s in the living room. (Not that there’s...

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