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Articles tagged "Life"

from Sparks

Spring, it is time to tell The flowers to open. The leaves are whispering now With expectation. The spirit of life is oblivious Of where earth is, or the sky. That is why Flowers seek it in the stars, Stars seek it in the flowers. He who knows the truth Stores it in a treasure-chest proudly. He who loves the truth Keeps it inside himself humbly. Keep, and the load presses down On your shoulder. Give, and the whole wide world Is its porter. Translator's Note:...


If this is life-how low! and I, how shamed, if I don't hang my lifetime's lamp high on the dusty pine of this dead-end lane. If this is life-how pure! and I, how stained, if I don't plant my faith like a mountain, eternal memorial, to grace this ephemeral earth.

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