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Articles tagged "Literary Translation Centre"

Literary Translation Centre: The Makers of World Literature at the London Book Fair

With a full program of seminars over three days, each packed with dozens of extremely enthusiastic translators, to say that the buzz was palpable at Literary Translation Centre would be an understatement. From what I hear, this has been the biggest space allocated to the LTC yet, which has been growing steadily over the past five years. Sponsored by AmazonCrossing, funded by Arts Council England and the Foyle Foundation, and with partners such as the BCLT, English PEN, British Council, Free...

Dispatches from the 2013 Literary Translation Centre at the London Book Fair

The Literary Translation Centre, now in its fourth year, held sessions at the London Book Fair (April 15-17) on topics ranging from translating culture in times of conflict to logistical issues like how to become a literary translator and what publishers want. Words Without Borders' own Susan Harris moderated the panel "Migrant, Diaspora and Minority Writing and Translation" and Samantha Schnee moderated the panel "A Common Language:  Literary Translation in the US and UK." You...

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