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Articles tagged "Metapoetry"

Cons: Cat

A cat jumped through the window. Jumped right on to the piano. And played on it, amazed: Whenever I jump, the piano sings. I was in the next room and I thought a spirit played. But then it was struck and the cat jumped through the window. When a new poet comes, the piano everywhere responds. But no one bothers him as they did the cat. All the world is enthralled: This man is mad. Or he is a poet. And everyone listens to his steps, that sing as if above a piano.

Nothing Remains Empty

Note: This poem was originally written in Mazateco. Although the subject matter of the following poem is contemporary, the style is traditional. As Juan Gregorio Regino has maintained the rhythms of Mazateco chanting in his Spanish translation, we have attempted to carry the rhythms through here. Nothing will remain empty. Nothing will remain forgotten. There is a place in the Universe where the memory of time is recorded. My words will be recorded there. In clean books....


There are also moments when we leave behind words of love and silences to talk about poetry. You rest your voice in the past and recall the title of a book, The story behind some verses, adolescent nights of the singer-songwriters, the importance that poets and protestors hold in your life. I speak to you of commas and case, of images that exceed or that lack, of the need to find the rhythm that will support the story, just as hands support the dampness and the walls of a...

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