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Articles tagged "Michael Henry Heim"

Max Blecher’s “Adventures in Immediate Irreality”

It seems to me unfortunate that the critical reaction to Max Blecher’s incandescent Adventures in Immediate Irreality has been, if largely adulatory, also hampered by a certain name-the-influence conceit, as if the mere act of situating the Romanian writer’s work could somehow unlock its textual enigmas or mitigate its astonishing power. Indeed, it would appear that to write about Blecher is, in some sense, to write about a broad swath of European modernists in a game of...

Translation Roundup

READ Honors and Awards Congratulations to the 2012 ALTA Fellows: Janet Kim Ha, Hai-Dang Phan, Claire Van Winkle, Alexandra Berlina, and WWB contributor Joshua Daniel Edwin! Interiews, Articles, Reviews The well-beloved and prolific translator Michael Henry Heim passed away this week. You can read moving tributes to him by Chad Post, Susan Bernofsky, the PEN American Center, and our own Susan Harris.  On the Daily American PEN blog, Deji Olokuton writes about his recent...
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