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Articles tagged "Mogador"

Poetics of Wonder: Things They Say about Mogador

  III. Concerning Time in Mogador Nineteen They say that according to the calculations of the most ancient African astronomers, the sun slows down when it passes over Mogador, lingering there more than any other place on the planet. That is why time is measured here at a leisurely pace and things in the world are perceived differently, with a certain throbbing intensity.   Twenty Because time in Mogador passes differently under the sun than in the shade, and with...

The Garden of Voices

From The Secret Gardens of Mogador: Voices of the Earth TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: In The Secret Gardens of Mogador: Voices of the Earth, Alberto Ruy-Sánchez transports his readers once again to Mogador, ancient name for the city of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, a walled labyrinth of winding streets, marketplaces, bathhouses, and hidden gardens that serves as the locus of desire for much of the author's narrative fiction. In this novel, Ruy-Sánchez examines...
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