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The Indigenous Literature of the Americas

In late August, Mexico City and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico signed an agreement to teach Náhuatl language and culture to Nahua (Aztec) students in Santa Ana Tlacotenco in the high southern reaches of the city. The signatories were a deputy mayor of the city, the coordinator of humanities at the university, and an honored witness, Miguel León-Portilla, the leading scholar in the world of Náhuatl history and culture. It had been many years, perhaps...

No One Dies, Life Only Changes

Note: This piece was originally written in Náhuatl. We only change the way we live.... Thus it is explained in the tale of the experience of two people who lived through the following revelation. "When the town was much smaller and had no electricity, the town was calmer and more tranquil. The people knew each other well and respected each other. There were very few people who walked about at night. People used to go to bed very early; pero... there were always those who went...

Dreams and Memories of a Common Man

Note: This piece was originally written in Náhuatl. Over there, in "The Disenchantment," it was said about the great city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan that, in addition to its beauty, one earns a lot of money there. It was said that there was more than enough work and since it was rarely hot, one could become a little fairer. No longer dark, no longer appearing so Indian. It also had big movie theaters. Some people even presumed to know Rigo Tovar1 and had shaken hands with El Santo,...

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