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Articles tagged "New Year"

from Everyone Dies, Even the Paddlefish

The new boy with the big ears stood in the cold neon light of the cloakroom, right in the middle of the room, and his school slippers seemed to be stuck to the green linoleum. Take off your pants, Aunt Edeltraut said, and the new boy pressed his hands against the seams of his cords. All the children take off their pants here, said Aunt Edeltraut. Her voice still sounded friendly, but it had that slight quaver that signaled danger. The boy wasn't familiar with the danger, it was his...

From “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away”

"Hey young fellow, it's your stop . . ." Sluzhkin was being prodded by the old guy on the opposite bench. He unglued his eyes, sprang onto his knees still in his sleeping bag, and shot a look through the upper window pane, because the lower one was thickly overgrown with a dense cover of icy ferns. The lopsided, gray little houses of Valyozhnaya were undulating past the electric train, across the hillside. "Code red, gang!" Sluzhkin roared. "We nearly missed Valyozhnaya!" The...

New Year

New Year, don't come to our homes, for we are wanderers from a ghost-world, denied by man. Night flees from us, fate has deserted us We live as wandering spirits with no memory no dreams, no longings, no hopes. The horizons of our eyes have grown ashen the gray of a still lake, like our silent brows, pulseless, heatless, denuded of poetry. We live not knowing life. New Year, move on. There is the path to lead your footsteps. Ours are veins of hard reed,...
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