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Articles tagged "Nicaragua"

The PEN World Voices Festival As It Happened: \“Divine Punishment\”

            Photo: Elsa Ruiz When the award-winning thriller Castigo Divino was first published in 1988, its author Sergio Ramirez was three years into his term as vice president of Nicaragua. The manuscript for the English translation of the novel was completed soon afterward, saved on floppy disks, and sent to an editor; but both disks disappeared in transit, and plans for an English translation of the work stalled. Twenty-seven years later,...


William Carlos Williams (1883–1963) produced a good many translations of Spanish-language poetry during the course of his poetic career, as well as translations of Greek, French, and Chinese poems. He was “half-Spanish,” as he says in his autobiography. This personal identity helped fuel his desire to translate poems from Spanish. He recognized that “a translation into another language involves in the first place a choice of the language into which the translation...


Little spider, greet the sun. Don't be down. Give thanks, dear toad, that you are here. The hairy crabs, like roses, all have thorns, and mollusks are reminiscences of women. Know how to be what you are: enigmas that have taken form. Leave responsibilities to the Norm, who will in turn send them on to Heaven. (Sing, cricket: the moon is lit. And, bear, go ahead and dance.) Translation of "Filosofia." Translation copyright 2008 by Gabriel Gudding. All rights reserved.

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