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Articles tagged "Nigeria"

When Can We Be Sane?

We reel shamelessly in joyful shrillness For the gloomy glimmer of blinking lights Nursing our failing consciences In the cold slab of childish ego   I remember Coleridge’s sea  Without a healthy drop to drink:   We have them here. Otovwodo gas plant, The biggest gas reserve in Sub-Saharan Africa   We have them here. Erhioke Oil Field in Kokori-Orogun A precious oil meadow that churns out Bent and...


The Grammar of Easter (You Don’t Say That in English)

The rate at which Christian festivals were upstaging the local, traditional ones was accelerating. To the older generation, who professed the traditional religious faith, the rapid transformation was simply stupefying. To the middle-aged, younger generation, the educated elite, the change was a welcome miracle, an evangelical achievement, the rewards of which they hoped to reap in paradise. They returned to their small villages in full Christian fervor and forced their parents to renounce...
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