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Articles tagged "Nostalgia"

A Red Lighter in the Heart of M.

The weight of the world is visible in your eyes, heavier and fuller than the generous breasts of the unfamiliar girl seated across from you. She tells you her name is Hiba and says she lives in the next neighborhood over. She looks at you, dumbfounded, while you continue to play with the lighter that someone forgot in your apartment. You light it and let it go out, and think of the swamp of despair swallowing your heart. Hiba stands up and walks toward the large mirror. She adjusts her...

Sea Anemone

Her studio resembles a stinking airtight can. Miss Annemarie hasn’t opened her windows in years. Keeping the heavy curtains drawn night and day has solved the cleaning problem once and for all. She can’t stand big clean-ups, blasts of fresh air, or noise. She can’t stand anything remotely resembling change. That’s why she’s kept her apartment in the same state since spotting a luxurious set of modular furniture in a store window in 1971. She...

Edward and the First Geography Lesson

I still remember him like it was yesterday: a small man, elegant in his own special way, entirely different from traditional men's elegance, such as is found in a suit and tie. He used to buy his clothes from secondhand shops-lenga, as we used to call them; he would choose them with care and a taste for beauty. In winter he would wrap a long red scarf around his neck, then, on days when the cold was harshest (in January for instance), he would wear a black leather jacket. I can...

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