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Articles tagged "Olympics"

WWB Weekend: Olympian Feats

We’re getting a leg up on the Olympics with a story of a different sort of national athlete. In Zhao Ying’s “Red Bean Sticky Cakes and Running,” a star Chinese runner tracks the source of her success. At seven, Wumi literally goes on the run with her illegally pregnant mother. This inadvertent training, and the resulting mental and physical stamina, jumpstarts Wumi on the road to athletic dominance.  Eluding the authorities, the fleet pair...

Animal Transport

The eighties began with the Olympics in Moscow. In spite of the boycott by many western countries, Leonid Brezhnev, who was General Secretary at the time, was determined to prevent the whole thing from turning into a pure propaganda show. The Olympic Games were going to be turned into a giant cultural and political event. Moscow was to be cleansed of parasites of all kinds, and new electronic billboards bought from the Americans through Pakistani middlemen would be put up in the stadiums....

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