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Articles tagged "Orphanhood"

from “Sentimental Education”

The woman gave birth to a baby girl at the maternity hospital and then disappeared the very same day. Located not far from downtown Isezaki-cho, the maternity hospital was well known as a place where many of the girls who worked as hostesses in Yokohama went for abortions. The woman arrived at the hospital alone, gave birth to the child alone, and then left alone. She never once held her baby in her arms, nor did she give her a name. When she left the hospital room, she tried not to...

Over the River

The river was as wide as a lake, a sea, or a plain. The village at the foot of distant mountains over the river would have seemed more illusory had it not been for a few green dots on the bank—lonely willow trees that brought the distant village nearer. Water as smooth as brocade flowed with boundless dignity toward somewhere over the horizon. The poor village on this side of the river had seventy-odd households, their shabby stone houses scattered along the slope. Yak dung...

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