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Articles tagged "Passion"

from “Scenes from the Silent Movies”

Balancing the World on His Chin The posters advertising movies or dances were not the only ones that occasionally clamored for our attention from Olleros' walls and tree trunks. Sometimes, too, a traveling circus would stop there or a family troupe of puppeteers with a tiny cast (I remember one in particular, in which the man not only sold the tickets on the door and played the parts of lion, devil and monk in the play, he also, still wearing his lion costume, organized the drawing of...

“The sparks from your firesmoky eyes”

The sparks from your firesmoky eyes kept the room warm for hours, days, weeks, and months. I recognized that feeling: the glow. I recognized that feeling. Although it happened in another time, another film. When you photographed the paradise trees and I talked with the birds. Neither of us tasted anything there, did we? Translation of "Need sädemed Su tulesuitsusilmis." Copyright Doris Kareva. Translation copyright 2007 by Tiina Aleman. All rights...


To kiss you at the foot of every streetlamp on every corner of every city in every language with kisses of melon, orange and rain and light of noon in my gaze as if nothing but mistletoe ran in our blood... that's what I wish for. For the author's "Bonsai's Boast," please click here.

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