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Articles tagged "Plastic Surgery"

The Real, the Familiar: An Introduction

Tokyo was unnervingly cool and pleasant early in July. The rainy season had only just begun, and yet, after a single, massive, unseasonal typhoon, there was no rain for at least a week. The peculiarity of the weather perfectly complemented the surreal, uncanny tenor of the fiction in our July issue of Words without Borders—the first part of a special double issue of Japanese fiction designed to resonate, as I suggested then, with the mood in Japan in the wake of the catastrophe...

from As You Were Saying

The collection As You Were Saying: American Writers Respond to Their French Counterparts presents stories begun by French writers and then responded to by their American opposite numbers. Here Marie Darrieussecq starts and Rick Moody picks up where she leaves off. Marie Darrieussecq's Beginning The tracheotomy left him hoarse for a long time but in the end he got his normal voice back. And his shoulders were still the same. Sometimes when we were reading together in bed, I'd...
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