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Articles tagged "Political Fiction"

Baking the National Cake

David sits silently, staring at the reports in front of him. Words wobble on the page. He pulls one file closer and fingers the papers one by one. He twists his mouth. His cheeks follow the twist of the lips. His face contorts. He has to be ready for the cabinet meeting at 11 AM. His accountability report is one of the major items on the agenda. The other is the Succession to Presidency Bill. David absentmindedly taps his Parker pen on the page. He reads from one line to the next and back...

The Reckoning

“There’s been another attack.” Martha’s voice trembled, and in her eyes I could read the effort she was making to contain her tears.  It took me a moment to absorb the news, and when I finally did I could only stand there, impassive, while I looked at the newspaper shaking in my wife’s hand.  I approached the window.  Now I needed the cold air, precisely what I’d been trying to escape on leaving the university, and I contemplated the...

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