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Articles tagged "Port-au-prince"

From the Archives: Moving Around Me

To whom does the story of the Haitian earthquake belong? Whose is it to tell, and in what form? Haitian writer and longtime Montreal resident Dany Laferrière was in Port-au-Prince for a literary festival when the quake struck. His "The World Is Moving Around Me," from our November 2011 issue of writing from the Caribbean, records his impressions of the aftermath. When he tells his nephew he plans to write about the disaster, the younger man shyly reveals that he does, too, and...

Port-au-Prince on an IV Drip

drip drop port-au-prince’s life slips away drip drop like a canoe ocean waves thrust within the sun’s flames port-au-prince disintegrates drip drop like a bad rain drip drop that refuses to fall even when promised cookies it teases gardens so grownups can complain teases gutters so children can’t bathe one by one port-au-prince counts its dead like a pack of zombies on some big don’s land one by one adds up to a bunch goudougoudou a...

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