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Articles tagged "Propaganda"

The Secret of Frequency A: An Incredible Disaster, part three

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Use the Frequency A generator to extract all the secrets from inside his head. Then quietly kill him.

The Secret of Frequency A: An Incredible Disaster, part two

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If they find out he's doing research for us, we're doomed!

from Great General Mighty Wing

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Their Boots Were Made for Walking: El Taller de la Gráfica Popular

Figure 1. A politician from the party that now holds the presidential seat, riding the PRI dinosaur, says: "It's about time troops and police enter Oaxaca!" A legendarily short story by Tito Monterroso reads, in its entirety: "Y cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí" ("And when he awoke, the dinosaur was still there"). This expresses my feelings about the PRI perfectly; when I was born, when I first opened my eyes, it was the dinosaur that...

Encountering North Korean Fiction: The Origins of the Future

The new year is dawning. The thought that we are entering the last year of the current century arouses a different feeling within me than usual. My heart is overwhelmed with emotion and my thoughts come ever more frequently. Not many years ago the twenty-first century seemed as remote as the ends of space... but now we have reached its cusp. —Ri Chun-gil † Despite having its own indigenous system for dates based on the birth of Kim Il Sung, as North Korea approached the new...

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