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Articles tagged "Rivers"

Crossing Bridges

I crossed the Vltava by way of the Charles Bridge. I crossed the Neva by way of the Trinity Bridge. I crossed the Danube by way of the Lion Bridge. I crossed the Moskva by way of the Novoarbatski Bridge. I crossed the Sava by way of Branko’s Bridge. I crossed the Tiber by way of the ponte Sant’Angelo. I crossed the Seine by way of the pont Mirabeau. I crossed the bridges of rusted iron over the immense Paraná, at Gualeguaychú, and the equally mighty...

Aqua Fortis

You don't deserve the Light. Something after the explosion of the cells arranged for you to bequeath dark water, the quicksilver of life. Life has been lived for you, your merit is limited to words. Everywhere, though, example and serenity you are, reliable. As if a sky could rely on a star, as if one should decide where his eyes are put. I started as one who grazes the lilies, with a seal on the heart, in my hand a hand that is not to be mine, the cold was watching me...
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