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Articles tagged "Salvadoran Literature"


I began frequenting the Café Imperial on the same day that I moved into the apartment of my very dear friend Hernando Salcido, a spacious and well-furnished apartment on Jesús y María Street which would be mine for the whole month that my friend, his wife, and his little girl were summering at their family's beach house in Fuengirola. I began frequenting the Café Imperial on the same afternoon that I moved my few belongings to my dear friend...

Bad News on a Scrap of Newspaper

These days when my friends die only their names die. How can one yearn from the inhuman pit to grasp more than newsprint, shiny black wispy letters, arrows sunk into private memories? Only one who lives outside prison walls can honor the corpses, cleanse himself of sorrow for his dead with embraces, clutch gravestones with fingernails and tears. Not so the prisoners: we just whistle so the echo drowns out the news. Read Roque Dalton's "Ars Poetica"

from “Senselessness”

ONE I am not complete in the mind, said the sentence I highlighted with the yellow marker and even copied into my personal notebook, because this wasn't just any old sentence, much less some wisecrack, not by any means, but rather the sentence that stunned me most of all the sentences I read that first day on the job, the sentence that left me dumbfounded during that, my first incursion into those one thousand one hundred almost single-spaced printed pages placed on what would be my...
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