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Articles tagged "Scottish Gaelic Literature"

Two Poems

For the Scottish Gaelic originals, please click here. The Chinese Beetle In a certain region of China, in the southwest, not far from the mountains of Yunnan, a kind of apple is to be found with such an exquisite flavor that in ancient times the emperors would spend their gold to buy them, and offer them at feasts and banquets in the great palace. But they didn't actually taste like apples. I read that this was because of a beetle which is only found on the trees...

Two Poems

For the English translations, please click here. An Daolag Shonach Ann an ceàrn àraidh de Shìona, san iar-dheas, chan fhada bho bheanntan Iunnàn, tha seœrsa ùbhlan rim faighinn a tha cho anabarrach taitneach 's gum biodh na h-ìompairean o shean a' cosg an œir rin ceannach, is gan tairgse aig fèisdean 's cuirmeannan san àros mhœr. Ach cha robh dìreach blas nan ubhal aca. Leugh...

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