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Articles tagged "Senegalese Literature"

Ports of Madness

"We have art in order not to die of the truth."—Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power A gray hood, a red shawl, woolen gloves, tight knit socks, leather boots, a big fleece sweater, Dacron pants barely visible beneath an enormous fur coat. She advanced, postcard in hand. The sun was at its height, and city-dwellers sipped their drinks on café terraces grown too narrow. Summer shone on faces sunburned but relaxed. The heat had loosened their lips and made them quick to...

from “The Belly of the Atlantic”, Chapter One

The first free kick goes to the Italians. Madické's delighted. They've rallied, he thinks, and that reassures him. But his optimism's soon frustrated. The Dutch value their honor. They defend their goal like a nun defends her fanny. The Italians have to deal with it. This sublimated war on the turf demands nerves of steel and it's not easy hanging onto them for ninety minutes. Especially in these last moments of the match when every action counts. Madické...

From The Belly of the Atlantic

Of course I remember him. Monsieur Ndétare, my former teacher, who was already getting old at the time. With a hatchet face, hands like pitchforks, and legs like stilts to bear him on his mission of public schoolteacher to the remotest corners of the land, places where the state is happy to be cast in a secondary role. Ndétare stood out from the other inhabitants of the island because of his silhouette, his manners, his citified look, his European attire, his academic French,...

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