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Articles tagged "Shetlandic Literature"

Four Poems

For the Shetlandic originals, please click here. Head over Heels From different vantage points, the island sharpens from old man laid out dead upon the skyline to three proud peaks upon the world's edge. And seen at different times, headlands looming closely after rain, distance themselves through hazy veils. We lift our eyes from weathered end-of-season sights. Autumn, with fingers soft and lingering, lightens both land and heart; bright glints of newness....

Four Poems

For the English translations, please click here. Tirlin headicraa Seen fae different erts, da island sharpens fae auld man streekit oot apö da skyline ta tree prunk peaks apö da wirld's aedge. An seen at different times, headlands clös lömin eftir rain, distance demsels anunder asky veils. We lift wir een fae waddered end-o-saison sichts. Autumn, wi fingers saaft an lingerin, lichtens baith laand an haert; bricht glims o newness. An...

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