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Articles tagged "Slovenia"

Evald Flisar’s “My Father’s Dreams”

Evald Flisar is Slovenia’s best-selling and versatile author of literary fiction, plays, travelogues, and children’s books. He has been awarded the most prestigious Slovenian literary awards, including the Prešeren Foundation Prize, the highest state award for prose and drama, and the Župančič Award for Lifetime Achievement. His novel On the Gold Coast, translated from the Slovene by Timothy Pagacar, was shortlisted for the Kresnik Award, the Slovenian...

The Ghosts are Schrödinger Cats

It was one of those evenings when the world was coming off its hinges, and once again, who knows why, someone decided to be unwise enough to care for it so that it wouldn’t. I stood in the armory next to small, deeply embedded Gothic windows and, looking through the lead, mullioned glass (which looked like it was made from the bottoms of bottles), tried to see what was happening outside the castle doors. As a waterfall thundered down over the gables, bringing with it pieces of slate...




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ITALIAN SOLDIERS! The Communist Party of Slovenia appeals to you: Do not carry out your superiors' orders, do not fire on the Slovenians, do not persecute the partisans, but surrender to them, do not stand in the way of our liberation struggle! Attack and disarm the fascist militia, the agents of OVRA and all those who are forcing you to fight against the Slovenian people. Destroy the Italian armed forces, the stores of weapons and food, unless you can give them to the...

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