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Articles tagged "South Asian Languages"

The Translator Relay: Jason Grunebaum

Our "Translator Relay" series features a new interview each month. This month's translator will choose the next interviewee, adding a different, sixth question. For August's installment, Alta Price passed the baton to Jason Grunebaum, a writer and Hindi translator whose book-length translations include Uday Prakash’s The Girl with the Golden Parasol and The Walls of Delhi. He has received an NEA Literature Fellowship, a PEN/Heim grant, and his work has been...

The Advanced Language Class as Translation Workshop

A wonderful, and perhaps underappreciated, way to bring international literature into the classroom is through transforming advanced language classes into translation workshops. While language classes might seem an obvious home for news from afar, some people associate translation in language classes with a very old-fashioned approach—images conjured of Latin and Greek learned by musty old rote. But the workshop approach has many advantages, including facilitating a deep study of a...

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