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Articles tagged "Speech"

A Revolutionary Tradition: Shoars in Iranian Street Politics

As images of the bloody crackdown by government militias and plainclothes policemen on the peaceful demonstrations were broadcast after the controversial results of the tenth presidential elections in Iran in late June 2009, the world was reminded of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Even if Iran's political institutions have so far remained intact in the face of the recent agitation, its political culture has forever changed, perhaps even reverted to the revolutionary state of 1979, a...

from “Once Upon a Swing”

Mr. Twisted When I returned home as usual from yet another ridiculously mind-numbing day at school, I noticed a linen sack on my desk. In the blink of an eye my grandmother, who looked as though she'd been around for several hundred years, appeared behind me and said, "Look what I found." "What?" "Open it and see," she said. I opened it. Dust danced out of the sack, trailed by an unhealthy stink of mold. From deeper inside, I pulled out a frighteningly ancient stack of notebooks. I...

Da Ma’s Way of Talking

In the summer of 1989, I was assigned to work in an electrical engineering company in Nanjing. My train pulled in at one in the afternoon, and as I walked out of the station—two big bags slung over my shoulder—I was ambushed by a mob of peasant girls delegated by hotels to pester for business. The sweat was pouring off me, and I was not in the mood. Get lost, I told them, I live here, I don't need a hotel. The clueless cousin of mine who'd said he'd come and meet...

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