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Articles tagged "Stockholm"

From “Pol Pot’s Smile”

1 The road through the landscape. You have to drive well below the speed limit of 70 kph unless you already know the wheeltracks, the potholes, the curves. Roads in Cambodia aren’t much different. An ancient pathway that has grown wider over the centuries. Coated with asphalt in modern times. A surface now thinning and cracked. The society builders are looking in another direction. My car dates from 1971. Its once-red paintwork is blotchy and on the upper left corner of its cracked...

A Weeknight Before the Turn of the Century

It was a rainy autumn night in Stockholm, a night in the middle of the week. Feeling a need to further specify the moment in time, I probably would have added: "a weeknight just before the turn of the century," in order to emphasize the tension, or at least the sense of anticipation that should prevail at the beginning of a story or at the end of an era. But perhaps the precise moment isn't especially important, nor the state of the weather. If I ended up waiting to recount this story...

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