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Articles tagged "Sufism"

Omega:  Definitions

I am a Muslim feminist from the Fertile Crescent. I have a tattoo on my right wrist. It's of God. I designed it. Do you know where the Fertile Crescent is? One day when we were alone together Shah treated me in a way I didn't like at all. Shah means King in Persian. I don't remember the details. But it was theatre. I don't think it made any difference. I don't usually talk about my religion. Some Muslims might not accept me as one because I sometimes...

Women Writers, Islam, and the Ghost of Zulaikha

In the history of Islam, perhaps no woman has been as widely (mis)interpreted as Zulaikha—the beautiful and perfidious wife of Potiphar in the story of Joseph. It was she who tried to seduce Joseph into the whirl of adultery and unbridled hedonism. It was she who upon being rejected by Joseph accused him of raping her, thus causing him to be incarcerated for years in the terrible dungeons of Potiphar's regime. And it was she who has over and over been blamed, condemned, and...

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