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Articles tagged "Susan Sontag Prize For Translation"

Translation Roundup

READ Interviews, Articles, Reviews Just in time for our latest issue, PEN Atlas looks at the state of graphic novels around the world. How do you save a dying language? Linguist Geoffrey Khan is racing to save Aramaic by talking to its elderly Middle Eastern speakers, many of whom now live in Chicago's northern suburbs. Photojournalism workshops, poetry readings in Burmese and English, talks on censorship and violence, and Nobel laureatte Aung San Suu Kyi were all...

The Week in Translation

READ Awards and Honors Congratulations to the 2012 PEN Translation Fund Grant recipients: translator and WWB contributor Musharraf Ali Farooqi, Bernard Adams, Brent Edwards, Alexander Booth, Bonnie Huie, Hillary Gulley, Joshua Daniel Edwin, Deborah Garfinkle, Jacquelyn Pope, Carrie Reed, Nathanaël, Matt Reeck, and Aftab Ahmad! Julia Powers and Adam Morris have been named the 2012 recipients of the $5,000 Susan Sontag Prize for Translation which, this year, was awarded to a...

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