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Articles tagged "Taliban"

The View from Within: An Introduction to New Afghan Literature

In a discussion at the House of Culture in Stockholm just over a week ago, the Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi, having summarized the last three decades of Afghan history, concluded laconically  that the present state was: “un chaos total”—a total chaos. Rahimi is far from alone in his assessment, but he is unusual in that he speaks to the situation as an Afghan, rather than an outside observer. It is the “chaos” this issue has tried to put in words—this...

The Idol’s Dust

Boom . . . m . . . m . . . The terrible sound of something exploding and collapsing . . . The awe of explosion and dynamite . . . A huge amount of explosives had been used. The devastating explosion, accompanied by the loud cries of god-is-greater that made the throats of the Talibs quiver, set the earth atremble; a dense, impenetrable cloud of dust billowed up into the sky. The explosion tore the Buddha from the embrace of the mountain and flung it into the valley. The Buddha had...

Imaginary Return

1984 It was night. The ninth night. The most silent, the most oppressive. Under the whiteness of snow, in the darkness of time, the edges of the earth were lost. It was night. The ninth night. The smuggler had said: —On the ninth night, we’ll cross the border. Secretly, silently, we approached the border. All fugitives, leaving the land of our birth. Each because of a person, a thing, a word . . . It was night. The ninth night. We reached a pass. The smuggler...

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