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Articles tagged "Tara Fitzgerald"

The Week in Translation

what: Singapore Writers Festival when: November 1-10 more info: what: The Canadian Festival of Spoken Word  when: November 4-9 more info: what: Four Voices, Two Stories Join authors Gon Ben Ari (The Sequoia Children) and Ernesto Semán (A Brave Pilot From the New China), plus their translators Yardenne Greenspan and Tara FitzGerald, for an evening of multilingual wordplay in Hebrew, Spanish, and English. These side-by-side...

Interview with Hamid Ismailov

Hamid Ismailov is an Uzbek journalist, novelist, poet and translator who was born in the Soviet Union in 1954 in what is now Kyrgyzstan. His poem "Lovers in Samarkand," co-translated by Richard McKane, appeared in our September issue, Writing from the Silk Road. In 1992 he was forced to flee his home in the Uzbek capital Tashkent when his writing drew negative attention from government officials. Under threat of arrest he moved to London and now heads the Central Asian division of the BBC...
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