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Articles tagged "Turkish Uprising"

We’ll Fling Our Books

Sabahattin Ali was a Turkish writer killed a long time ago during a show of "civic" force, and even the consolation of giving him a proper burial was denied his family. In his 1945 short story—later banned—entitled The Glasshouse he says, "Never erect a glasshouse over your head. But if one were to be erected somehow, someday, never overestimate its indestructibility. All that’s needed to shatter even the most grandiose into smithereens is a few heads flung in its...


I've been sleepless for days. Like countless people. Like countless animals. Like the trees and the birds. We're all dazed by the strange turn of events in Turkey. The children who grew up scared of any uniform, police or military, have now finally reached adulthood, and now protest day and night, supplying the young ones in Gezi Park with food and water. We, as a nation, who never knew how to object, now stand our ground and insist on our rights together. That's the least of...

Sweet Days of June, Sweet Days of Uprising

As I write these words, unarmed protestors in and around Taksim Square are under relentless police attack. Not only in Taksim, either. People throng the streets all over the country: Ankara, Izmir, Tunceli, Hatay, and many, many more cities. People who’ve had it with government oppression. Whose anger has been honed. Who are at work by day, and on the streets by night. Also at work are the state's and imams' army of police, with tanks, noise bombs, tear gas, and truncheons...
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