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Articles tagged "Witches"

The Tale of the Sorceress

San Malanzo was old, so old. San Malanzo was poor, so poor. No children nor grandchildren, Still less step-children, even nephews. She was so very poor and so very old. Old and poor she was, San Malanzo, Poor and very old. She was old and poor Old poor-- Poor old-- Old Poor Sorceress. Translation of "A lenda da bruxa." First published in Dolorosa raiz micondó (Lisbon: El Caminho, 2006). By arrangement with the publisher. Translation copyright 2007 by Amanda Hopkinson. All rights...


Listen. What sounds like a call for silence-shhh!-is really the sound of the wind in the trees, a rumor whispered through the leaves by many tongues. And could that chirping of invisible birds be gossip? They had intended to keep his departure secret. Baba Balook and his wife had told no one about his upcoming journey, for fear of backbiting and disaster-the evil eye-but to no avail. Who had overheard their whispering in curtained nights? Who knows what invisible eavesdroppers dwell...

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