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Articles tagged "Women Translators"

Liu Xia’s “Empty Chairs”

Poet and photographer Liu Xia lives amongst dolls in her poetry collection, Empty Chairs. Under house arrest and panoptically watched by the People’s Republic of China in the wake of the incarceration of her husband, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiaobo, for “subversion of the state,” Liu’s collection resides in a place of isolation, a place brimming with shadows, specters, and half-issued words. It is from this interval of confinement­­––a...

Where Are the Women in Translation?

I’ve never been good at math, or maybe I should say, I never liked math enough to be good at it, even if I did get the odd A in the subject in high school. So I don’t have a clue how to divide 3% by 26%, for example. I searched on the Internet, and found calculators that were very handy for the research I was doing for what has turned into this blog, but I’ll have to leave it to you to work out what twenty-six percent of three percent is. Not an awful lot. As most of...

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