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Articles tagged "World Cup"

Where the Sidewalk Bends: Why You Don’t Want Rice and Beans in Your Match

“Ele está jogando feijão com arroz!” muttered the Brazilian sitting next to me during the slow-moving match against Mexico, which stalled at 0-0. The player he was exasperated with for “playing rice and beans” was just going through the motions, lacking the energy, creativity, and improvisation that Brazilian footballers are famous for. Costly and divisive as the run-up to the World Cup was, now that it’s here, Brazilians are vibrando for their...

From the Translator: More than Football

When Jethro Soutar first asked me if I wanted to take part in his anthology of football-related writing, I was, shall we say, less than keen. I’m not keen on football, beyond (ahem) a certain gratuitous enjoyment of the male form (hello, Iker Casillas!). But when I read the piece he sent me, Salcedo Ramos’ “Queens Football,” I was hooked. Like the best examples of long-form journalism (and, I suppose, most good writing), it’s not really about what it at first...

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