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Articles tagged "Yemeni Literature"

The Fatherland

Do not despair, my friend: The light that shines on our land will remain chaste. We still have time. Maybe next year, the year after- it will be enough. We will see the new face of Eban smiling over our lives. This land is good and its history teaches us we must not despair. This land is happy. Look, see the girls painting their cheeks? This land is continuously giving birth. Yemen is a happy country, the people die standing tall: they will not cower,...

Another Sky

An asphalt sky: your memory Your earth is only a body Time is a poem approaching Time is a poem withering Time is a poem dying & time is a wailing wall for poems and dreams Such is exile Your bottlenecked bottleneck The wounded Fatherland's open sores moaning within you An asphalt sky: your memory Your earth is only a body

The Wound

"The sun also shines from here", his finger pointing to his heart his eyes rimmed with tears For the next poem in this sequence, click here.

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