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2 article(s) translated from Ancient Greek

Timon vs. Newton

Timon and Newton were arguing about fruit. Netwon said: "I prefer the apple since I discovered gravity while peacefully dozing under the shade of an apple tree." Timon shot back with stinging words: "Newton, you're an idiot, a fool and utterly conceited in your intelligence. By Zeus, do you know how to bring owls to Athens! Your argument reveals nothing new. All the still corpses that dangled from the branches of my fig tree fell straight to the ground, but, unlike Icarus,...


Sing, Muse, of that misanthrope, who was homeless and forever wandering, since he had yet to chop down his fig tree. In the city he ignored the many routine evils of most men as he strove to keep alive, with a sorrowful heart, his fig tree and the warm pot of food for his friends. But, hard as he tried, he could not save himself. The fool, ruined by his own wasteful ways, saw the amount of wealth he had squandered, all of the cows and goats he had eaten, while his friends...

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